WILD FOOD prepared by the open fire

Taste the Finnish nature with all your senses. We serve Finnish wild food; fish, game, wild mushrooms, herbs and berries. With these natural ingredients we create you an unforgettable 3 courses dinner by the open fire in a traditional Finnish way. We serve your dinner on the tableware designed for the campfire, and you can enjoy it outdoors on the campfire either by the lake, in the woods or in the Laplander´s hut, or inside the villa.

Wild Forest Mushroom Soup

Blazed or Smoked Salmon with Sweet Carrots, Wild Herb Sauce and Green Salad

Creamy Finnish Cheese with Homemade Spruce Syrup and Wild Forrest Berries


There will be also Finnish dark bread with butter, water and home beer. We don’t serve alcohol but you are allowed to bring your own drinks with you.

We can prepare meals lactose- and gluten-free and we notice also other special diets. For request we serve also other dishes e.g. prepared from reindeer.

Price depends on the amount of people and weather you have a reservation for the villa.