The Wheel of the Year / Project team

who were are

On the Wheel of the Year project are tourism entrepreneur Satu de Weerd, artist Gabriela Ariana and musicians Magdalena Mölsä and Ulla Hillebrandt. On the celebrations of the Wheel of the Year we also have other visiting artists and experts.


de Weerd

Satu is the creator of the Wheel of the Year. She also is a tourism entrepreneur, wilderness and nature guide, physiotherapist and riding therapist. This family business is located in Vihti right next to Nuuksio National Park.

Satu feels empowered of the nature and working with animals. She is interested in Finnish traditions, which she uses to create programs from.

The Wheel of the Year gives a possibility to cherish Finnish culture and its traditions,


Gabriela is a mother for three children.  She is an ecologic artist, dance performer and a singer. Painting and handicraft are her passions. She is also a body therapist and her way of working is based on the principles of ecosomatics and the art of expression. She is the bearer of the ancestral tradition as well as a master of transition rites.


Magdalena is an artist and public relations agent for the project. She makes music under the artist name Vaskilintu, in the LOVI Ritual duo. As an artist, she is particularly fascinated by myths and the universal primordial soundscapes that reach the soul.
For her, The Year Round project means not only the opportunity to learn from other artists and cultural actors, but also to learn more about Finnish folk traditions and how their themes are connected to the roots of humanity worldwide.




Ulla is a folk musician and a master of tradition, whose voice includes a great love for Finnish folk tradition. As an artist and musician, especially as a singer and violinist, She uses her diverse skills as a music educator, folk dance and nature contact instructor, nature guide and nature folk musician in the project.

My company focuses on providing nature services that combine nature and music, as well as my performances as an artist and artist, where the growth environment is Finnish nature and folklore.

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