wäinölä - the wheel of the year

The cycle of the year contains traditional celebrations which gave our ancestors a certain rhytm of life throughout the year.



The Wheel of the Year traditionally begins in the autumn after the harvest fest called “Kekri”, from where it continues to the Celebrations of the Solar Year and to the Year of the Bear.
In the celebrations of the year cycle, everyday routines and work is left behind
as festivities are spend gathered together.


cultural tourism project

Nuuksion Taika has received 2-year funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture for the Wheel of the Year project. The Wheel of the Year revives traditional celebrations, renews them through art and creates a model for everyone to organize your own events.

  At the heart of the Wheel of the Year celebrations are coming together and preparing for the next phase of the year. The principles we follow are sustainability, inclusivity and our relationship with the nature.




Tradition means a living continuum of time and culture that includes an element of both change and continuity. No tradition is immutable, but it slowly adapts to changing times and embraces new elements.

The tradition is continuous and holistic, including customs and beliefs as well as playing, singing and dancing, craftsmanship and food, the entire human life cycle.


the Wheel of the year at nuuksio wäinölä


All the first year’s festivities are celebrated in Wäinölä, Nuuksio. In the second year, festivities will also happen in other locations in Finland.

The programs involve artists and folklore experts; we collaborate with associations and organizations. Use the logos below to see different events. Check out the Wheel of the Year celebrations and come along!

Project team


The project team of the project including tourism entrepreneur Satu de Weerd, artist Gabriela Ariana and musicians Magdalena Mölsä and Ulla Hillebrandt. In addition, visiting artists and experts will take part in the Annual Cycle celebrations.