MAGIC OF THE WOODS Nuuksio National Park, Finland

Experience the Finnish wilderness and northern traditions during our walking trip into the woods of Nuuksion National Park. 

Listen to the stories of Kalevala, the Finnish national epic, learn about the power of the great shamans, the creation of the world and the believes of the nature spirits, called “haltia”. Find out about myths and facts of the bear, “karhu”, the king of the woods and the national animal of Finland. Learn about the mysterious winter sleep of the brown bear and about ancient bear hunting rituals. Experience mythologies and the traditions of the ancient Finns and enjoy the beauty of the Finnish nature. To get in touch of the magic of the woods, we advise you to watch our Magic-video.

You can book your Magic of the Woods-trip from two locations; from our own premises where you will also visit the Bear-hut and meet an authentic looking brown bear, or from Haltia Nature Centre, where you will see the bear in the exhibition hall. 

Day :  Sunday at 14.00-16.00 from Paratiisintie 115, Otalampi, other days and locations by request
Price :  220e/group, minimum charge 4 persons, next persons 45e
Price includes: Guided trip, raincoats when needed, summertime cold healthy drink and wintertime warm drink with salty Karelian pasties.    

Extra services: Folk musician along playing traditional Finnish instruments (e.g. Kantele) and singing traditional Kalevala songs and songs about the bear. Price 280e/group.
In our own location in Paratiisintie, after the trip it is possible to have sauna, enjoy wild food and overnight in the cottage by the lake.