Walk through the gate of Wäinölä and
step into the mystery of the past.
Dive into the myths of Finns and
meet the spirit of Kalevala,

Experience the peace of Nuuksio and
feel the magic of the wilderness.
Taste the flavors of pure nature and
hear the sounds of ancestors.

Travel back to the moment when
the man was part of the nature.
Enjoy the hospitality of Wäinölä,
where the traditions of the past are alive.

WÄINÖLÄ, a mythical venue in the Finnish forest

Wäinölä, is a venue for the Finnish folklore, the Kalevala and Finnish traditions. Wäinölä is situated next to the Nuuksio National Park, less than 40km from the Helsinki airport and the Helsinki city  center. In Wäinölä there is a big log house, 2 campfire places and a hut dedicated for the northern Bear mythology.

A log house of Wäinölä is build according to houses of the iron age and the viking era. Wäinölä is made from hand carved logs and it respects the handwork of carpenters and blacksmith. There is room for 45 people to experience folklore programs and have lunch or dinner prepared over the open fire. Wäinölä can be reserved for groups and there will be open events.

Wäinölä is a perfect location to learn about the Finnish folklore and the Kalevala, the epical story of Finland. The greatest hero of the Kalevala was Väinämöinen, a shaman, who lived in the village of Kalevala, place also called Wäinölä.

Watch the introduction of Wäinölä of Nuuksio in YouTube.


During this 4 hours program you will experience the Finnish nature and learn about Nothern traditions and mythologies. We welcome you with herbal drink and traditional salty pasty by the campfire of Wäinölä.

Walking trip (2.5km) brings you to the wilderness lake and on the way you hear about the Finnish nature and the Nuuksio National Park. Around the fireplace or in the log house our folk musician will play traditional Finnish instruments, sings songs and tells stories from the Kalevala, the epical story of Finland. In the Bear-hut you meet authentic looking brown bear and learn about Northern bear-mythology.

Lunch or dinner is served in a magic atmosphere of the Wäinölä´s log house. Wäinölä-menu includes both salmon and reindeer prepared on the open fire.

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Price: 120€/pax, min 15 people
  • What’s included: 
  • 2,5 km walking trip (1,5 hours) to the wilderness lake, stories about Finnish nature
  • Visiting the Bear-hut and stories about Finnish bear-mythology
  • Performance of Folk musician
  • Lunch or dinner: salmon and reindeer prepared on the open fire, roasted vegetables, sauce with wild herbs and mushroom sauce,
    cucumber salad and lingonberry jam, wild forest berry delicacy for dessert, coffee or tea