Get to know our four-legged friends by going for a ride on horseback, or on a sleigh ride or perhaps try carriage driving.

Magic of Nuuksio Ltd has two own horses, a finnhorse named Tähti (Star) and a Fjord Lotti. They live in a stable in Otalampi, 5 km away from Villa Paratiisi and are used for riding therapy and in story telling programms. For trails we co-operate with the icelandic and finnhorse stables in Nuuksio.


Riding Therapy is functional in its nature. It exposes the patient as a whole person to a total experience. This experience includes the entire body, its feelings and thoughts into a continuous sensory and motor experience. An experience shared by the rider, the horse and the total environment; a truly holistic experience.

Individual riding therapy lessons for children and adults with neurological problems, e.g. CP, MS or contusio, and for persons with back problems. Price of an hour session 75€.